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Hi guys, not long now until we're off, flights to Bangkok are booked for October 30th -


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You can follow us on our journey through the 'Mr Writer Speaks' Blog, The Wingin' It Facebook page, or the Noble Wordsmiths Twitter page. Whichever way you decide to come with us on our adventure, we hope you will discover something exciting too!


All the best and hopefully see you on the other side...

Welcome to my little project, for those of you who don't know, my name is Paul. I am a writer, traveller, foodie and everything in between. I've been living and travelling around South East Asia, on and off since 2009, and before I move on to a different part of the globe, I thought I would have one last tour of the Orient - to subdue my perpetual wanderlust for another year!


I shall be travelling with my good friend Konrad, who is looking forward to having his first trip of a lifetime.


We are going to be visiting some of my favourite places, as well as checking out some new paradise locations - so far our list of countries include:

Before Christmas we are heading off to Cochin in India, and then on to Beijing in China. After that we are visiting one of my favourite islands in the world, Koh Chang, in Thailand. Visas are on the way, and we are all booked up until the New Year - after that we are just going to wing it!

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